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Updated: March 26, 2014
We’ve got word from a fellow subscriber (jeroenb42) that there is another bronze/silver Trap Shadow on eBay. This auction is also from Europe but I’m sure we will soon see some pop up in the United States very soon being that there is an eBay auction of silver/gold Stink Bomb form Illinois.



A cool but strange variant of Trap Shadow has been spotted on eBay. I say strange because this Skylander figurine came out from left field. No signs at all, but then again Activision is pretty good at keeping secrets from us until the last minute 😉 This Trap Shadow variant has a bronze top with a silver bottom. We have seen Skylander variants covered in one specific color but nothing like this where it is split in half with two different colors.

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this Skylander was “this is fake!”. I have to say that my thoughts about the authenticity of this Trap Shadow have changed being that Matteomax from has done his research for us portal masters. He has come to the conclusion that this is definitely a real Skylander! You might ask how does Matteomax know this is real? If you read the blog post on he explains by getting confirmation from a Toys for Bob representitive who spoke with Activision.

Its too early to tell if this Trap Shadow will ever be available for sale in stores or if he will be given away in some special event, but in the mean time lets enjoy these awesome images from SkylandersEzra on Also, we want to thank and SkylanderFreaks for spreading the word about this Trap Shadow variant.


7 thoughts on “Trap Shadow Variant – Skylanders Swap Force

    • SandyCrocs says:

      I’m pretty sure it’s not an in-game variant. As for it being a chase variant, it’s a little too soon to know being that a lot of us just found out about this figure just a few days ago. I’m thinking it might be an exclusive for an upcoming show like the e3 Expo in June 2014 but no confirmation yet.

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