Stink Bomb Variant – Skylanders Swap Force

Updated: March 26, 2014
Another silver/gold Stink Bomb has been spotted online. This time it is an eBay auction from a lucky person that found this chase variant in Illinois. Time to start hunting portal masters!



Another variant is taking the internet by storm after we just found out about a Trap Shadow variant last week. This time around we hear about a Stink Bomb variant! The Stink Bomb variant is a two colored variant just like Trap Shadow except that this one has a silver top and a gold bottom. With these two swappers there is now one silver top, one silver bottom, one bronze top and one gold bottom. I wonder if there will be one more swapper with a bronze bottom and a gold top? If so then that will make a total of three variant swappers; a gold, silver and bronze character.

It is still to soon to to tell where these will be available. At first I thought Trap Shadow would be an exclusive for an upcoming show but with this sneak preview of Stink Bomb, I think these will be chase variants.

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