Skylanders Winterfest Lob-Star

Updated: December 2, 2014
We just received our Winterfest Lob-Star in the mail thanks to They started selling him on November 30th and we were lucky enough to grab one before they all sold out. If you didn’t happen to get one then no need to worry because Winterfest Lob-Star should be at every major retail store this Sunday, December 7th.


Here is an unboxing video of Winterfest Lob-Star from the FamilyGamerTV channel on YouTube:


A new special holiday edition Skylanders figure by the name of Winterfest Lob-Star will be coming to a store near you and it will be just in time for the holidays. Pictures of Winterfest Lob-Star have been showing up online being that he has already made his way to Australia but he is now scheduled to release in the North America on December 7th. Just last year on December 7, 2013 the holiday edition Jolly Bumble Blast was released and now the trap Master Lob-Star is the lucky Skylander to get decorated in some fun holiday colors.


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