Skylanders Trap Team Wave 2

Skylanders Trap Team is officially available at major retailers across the United States and we are already seeing a large amount of figures and traps on the shelves. Not only did portal masters run into wave 1 on the Trap Team release date but some stores already had wave 2 out for sale. From what we’ve been told, wave 2 is suppose to make its way to Toys “R” Us on Tuesday, October 7th. I can’t say this comes as a surprise to me because the same thing happened last year for Skylanders Swap Force were some retailers had wave 1 and wave 2 for saleĀ on the day of its release.

Here is a rundown of what Skylanders and traps to expect on wave 2 for Skylanders Trap Team:

Trap Masters

  • Bushwhack
  • Head Rush
  • Lob Star


  • Deja Vu – Mirror of Mystery Adventure Pack
  • Fist Bump
  • Tread Head
  • Full Blast Jet-Vac
  • Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz
  • Hog Wild Fryno


  • Air Toucan
  • Air Hourglass
  • Air Screamer
  • Earth Toucan
  • Earth Hourglass
  • Life Toucan
  • Fire Screamer
  • Undead Axe
  • Undead Hand
  • Tech Hand
  • Tech Angel
  • Magic Axe
  • Magic Hourglass
  • Water Axe
  • Water Angel

Adventure Pack

  • Mirror of Mystery

*If we happen to find more information then we’ll make sure to update this list.

**Please leave a comment below if you see anything that is missing or that needs to be modified on this list. Thanks!

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  1. BenSpark says:

    My TRU told me yesterday that Wave 2 would be out today. I saw so many people online who had Waves 1 & 2 already so I believed them. Stupid, never believe the TRU staff, they never have a clue. I was there today (after working all night long again) and no Wave 2. Then they were trying to tell me it was only going to be traps. Can someone please inform the TRU staff, it is not like this is the 4th release of the game or anything. I’m going to bed.

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