Skylanders Trap Team Wave 1

With Skylanders Trap Team just a couple days away we need to come up with a game plan on which Skylanders to buy on Sunday, October 5th. Thanks to so many sources online and websites with pre-order’s we have a good outlook of all the new Skylanders that will be available to purchase on day one. There are plenty of stores that can be considered your “one stop shop” for Skylanders but ours is Toys “R” Us. The deals at Toys “R” Us starting October 5th places them above the rest compared to their competitors!

Here is a quick rundown of wave 1 for Skylanders Trap Team:

Trap Masters




  • Air Jughead
  • Earth Orb
  • Earth Hammer
  • Life Torch
  • Fire Torch
  • Fire Scepter
  • Undead Orb
  • Undead Skull
  • Tech Scepter
  • Magic Logholder
  • Magic Skull
  • Water Logholder
  • Water Jughead

Adventure Pack

  • Nightmare Express
  • Legendary Nightmare Express – Toys “R” Us Exclusive

*There might be more traps released in wave 1 but this is all we’ve found for now. If we happen to find more information then we’ll make sure to update this list.

**Please leave a comment below if you see anything that is missing or that needs to be modified on this list. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Skylanders Trap Team Wave 1

  1. ss56 says:

    I just preordered the Target Starter which includes a free Trap with Outlaw Chain and Brawl inside. TY for telling us about this and everything else.
    Dark edition ordered from Gamestop and all the available figures. Can’t wait till Sunday to go to GS Store and pick everything up.

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