Skylanders Trap Team Light Element Expansion Pack

Updated: December 21, 2014

We just wanted to give everyone a quick update by mentioning that the Light and Dark Element Expansion Pack’s are now on sale at your local Toys “R” Us. Please make sure to get there as soon as possible because as always, quantities are limited. Here is a video of our light pack unboxing:


Original Post: December 15, 2014

Most portal masters have heard about these two new elements that Toys For Bob and Activision will be releasing for Skylanders Trap Team but just today an auction was found on eBay with the NEW Light Element Expansion Pack. It is being sold by someone in Tracy, California for the “buy-it-now” price of $125. Being that this seller already has this in hand gives us hope that we might just see the Light Element Expansion Pack in time for the holidays. I know I would definitely like to give this expansion pack to my son as a stocking stuffer. Rumor has it that Toys “R” Us might just have these for sale on Sunday, December 21. ‘Tis the season for happy huntings portal masters! 🙂

The Light Element Expansion Pack comes with the Trap Master Knight Light, the Sunscraper Spire chapter and a Light Element Trap. Here are some images of the Light Element Expansion Pack:


[threecol_one] knight_light_01
Knight Light
[/threecol_one] [threecol_one] sunscraper_spire_01
Sunscraper Spire
[/threecol_one] [threecol_one_last] light_trap_01
Light Trap

These images are from the Toys “R” Us website in Germany. They have this expansion pack scheduled to release on December 23, 2014.

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