Skylanders Swap Force Wave 3 | Rubble Rouser | Spy Rise | Stink Bomb

Looks like we got a late holiday gift from Target! It was rumored that Target would have Rubble Rouser, Spy Rise and Stink Bomb on Sunday, December 29th but that was not the case when we were shopping at Target today.


My son and I are happy to say that we found the wave 3 swappers without having to wait any longer. For all of you still waiting on these 3 cool dudes, please get out to your local Target as soon as possible. There is no need to buy these guys for a ridiculous price on eBay or even ordering them from over seas.

I still haven’t come across the Arkeyan Crossbow Battle Pack or the Sheepwreck Island Adventure Pack but you best believe we are keeping an eye out for those packs. Once we come across some new information we will post a new blog. For the time being good luck and happy hunting for the new wave 3 swappers!