Skylanders Swap Force Wave 3 December 22

An employee of Toys-R-Us confirmed on that the core characters from Swap Force wave 3 will be released on 12/22/13. The Toys-R-Us employee was generous enough to provide us with these pictures down below:



Each box seems to have:

  • 3 Dune Bug
  • 3 Smolderdash
  • 1 Zoo Lou
  • 1 Countdown
  • 1 Hyper Beam Prism Break
  • 1 Horn Blast Whirlwind
  • 2 Phantom Cynder

As for the wave 3 swappers, Target is rumored to release Spy Rise, Rubble Rouser and Stink Bomb on December 29th. This hasn’t been confirmed but it is the word on the blogs as of late. I’ll be at Toys-R-Us Sunday morning and I’ll post my own pictures when I come across some new Skylanders 🙂

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(Updated on December 22, 2013)
Wave 3 in stores now! Click here

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