Skylanders – Punk Shock, Fryno and Springtime Trigger Happy

Updated: March 29, 2014
This week we went to Toys “R” Us to take advantage of their 3 for $20 sale where you buy 3 Skylanders for the cost of $20. Lucky for us we found these 3 amazing Skylanders:


I believe the sale ends tonight at closing time. If you haven’t done so yet then please visit your local Toys “R” Us to see if they have these 3 new Spring Edition Skylanders. Punk Shock, Fryno and Springtime Trigger Happy were each $10.99 and Toys “R” Us should be able to honor the 3 for $20 sale. Happy hunting portal masters!

Updated: February 17, 2014
There hasn’t been much information leaked about the wave 4 figures for Skylanders Swap Force but Best Buy happens to have 3 new figures with a release date of April 6, 2014. These 3 new Skylanders are Punk Shock, Fryno and Springtime Trigger Happy. All 3 figures look to have an Easter theme to their packaging. I’m not quite sure if this is considered part of wave 4 but they still look pretty awesome. Pre-order yours today before they hit the shelves! It never hurts to get a head start when ordering up and coming Skylanders :)

Picture from the NY Toy Fair. Taken by: @dadarocks