Skylanders New Light And Dark Elements

A lot of us portal masters already knew about the two new elements that Activision announced yesterday but it was still an epic day! Light and Dark will be joining the rest of the eight elements in Skylanders Trap Team, along with new Skylanders and new levels. This is the first time in the Skylanders series that two entirely new elements have been added to the original eight elements. With the announcement by Activision they also gave us a nationwide release date for the Light and Dark Elemental Expansion Pack. Sunday December 21, 2014 is the big day at Toys “R” Us. There are even rumors that wave 3 for Skylanders Trap Team will be on the shelves that same day. All this big news comes to us right on time for the holidays.

Light and Dark Element
Light Element Expansion Pack
Dark Element Expansion Pack

In the new expansion packs we learn more about the trap masters Knight Light and Knight Mare but no information yet on when the new core characters Spotlight and Blackout will be available.

Knight Light
Knight Mare