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Skylanders | Doom Stone


Doom Stone is one of our newest Skylanders thanks to the Toys “R” Us early release on Skylanders Day in Times Square New York. He was the last of the 16 swappers to be released and not to mention the final piece of the 256 possible swaps. This earth element Skylander is very fun to use in game and he has a great amount of awesome attack moves.

Doom Stone is rumored to be released some time in mid May. He will make a great addition to any portal master’s Swap Force collection.



Doom Stone was carved from the strongest and purest stone

in Skylands, then magically brought to life by a wizard who was rather lazy and wanted someone strong to carry heavy things and perform other tasks around his castle. Doom Stone happily helped, and in his spare time learned the ancient ways of Stone Fighting should he ever need to protect the wizard, who became like a father to him. Sure enough the need arose when the wizard was kidnapped by his evil twin brother in order to steal his spells for himself. Doom Stone wasted no time in using the skills he learned to save his master. Afterward, the wizard knew Doom Stone had a greater calling and introduced him to Master Eon, who made him a Skylander.


Power Stats

  • Strength: 1200
  • Defense: 160
  • Agility: 60
  • Luck: 80
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