Skylanders | Scratch


Scratch was one of our first wave 4 Skylander figures. We received her from a trade with SkylanderFreaks. She was first released in Walmart stores but can now be found in every other store that sells Skylanders and on their store website.



High in the peaks of the Cats Eye Mountain

sits a towering city of crystal and gold that can only be reached by creatures of the Air Element. It was here that Scratch spent her youth soaring playfully in the clouds or exploring the endless number of crystal mines. One day, an army of Pirate Greebles arrived in a fleet of airships, looking to steal ancient magic crystals buried deep in the mountain. Donning specially made armor, Scratch led an epic battle against the pirates, using her incredible fighting skills to defend the crystals and save the city. Tales of her heroism soon made their way to Jet-Vac, who traveled to Cats Eye Mountain and recruited Scratch to join the Skylanders.


Power Stats

  • Strength: 110
  • Defense: 65
  • Agility: 100
  • Luck: 65
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