Preview to The New Spring Wave of Skylanders

It seems that we now have a clear idea on what Skylanders will be released for the spring wave thanks to the 2014 Toy Fair. However one important question still stands, when will the spring wave be released? has Nitro Freeze Blade scheduled for March 23, 2014 and has the “Spring Edition” Skylanders releasing on April 6, 2014. Going by these 2 websites that I just mentioned, I would say late March or early April would be a safe bet on the release of these spring wave figures.

Here are the six Skylanders that are expected for the spring wave:

  • Trap Shadow
  • Freeze Blade
  • Nirto Freeze Blade
  • Springtime Trigger Happy
  • Fryno
  • Punk shock

This list might not be 100% accurate but we are going by what was presented at the Toy Fair. Here are some pictures of the Skylanders from the Toy Fair:

Trap Shadow – image by

Freeze Blade – image by

Springtime Trigger Happy, Fryno and Punk Shock- image by @dadarocks


Here is a video from the Skylander Boy and Girl YouTube channel where Skylander Dad gets some hands-on action with the new Swap force spring wave figures:

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