Nitro Head Rush – Skylanders Trap Team

nitro_head_rush_01 Today was a busy hunting day for us and in the midst of doing so we ran into an unexpected Skylander on the shelves. This Skylander is none other than the Target Exclusive Nitro Head Rush. Most portal masters know by now that she has been selling for about a month or so over seas but here in the U.S. I wasn’t aware of a release date until today. We didn’t attempt to buy her but from what I’m seeing online Nitro Head Rush can be purchased starting Sunday, February 15th.

On the release date of Skylanders Trap Team, Target sold a “Nitro” variant of Krypt King and now Head Rush gets a similar look as she is now Nitro Head Rush.


3 thoughts on “Nitro Head Rush – Skylanders Trap Team

  1. BenSpark says:

    I went to Target today on the off chance that there were some Amiibo figs or a Love Potion Pop Fizz. I saw this figure and was surprised so I picked her up and brought her to the cashier only to find out the release date of the 15th. Target does this every single time, some idiot doesn’t understand that figures can’t go on the floor until a specific release date and they put them out only to piss off customers.

    • SandyCrocs says:

      I totally agree with you! This happened to me just recently with Green Goblin at the same Target where I was not able to purchase him because they had him out before his scheduled release date. How hard is it to read the label on the box and see a release date?

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