Nitro Freeze Blade Only at Target

Updated: March 23, 2014
We went to our local Target this morning and found Nitro Freeze Blade! There wasn’t any on the shelves when we got there but we found a very helpful employee who was nice enough to check their inventory and then happened to grab one from the back room. Please ask a Target employee if you don’t happen to find Nitro Freeze Blade because every Target store should have at least a couple cases today.



Another “nitro” Skylander is coming to Target on March 23, 2014. Just a couple months ago Target released Nitro Magna Charge in a double pack but this time around we have Nitro Freeze Blade! This will be a “only at Target” exclusive. Don’t forget to get this one as soon as it release’s because once they are gone they won’t come back to Target just like Granite Crusher and Jade Flashwing.

Also, Nitro Magna Charge will be availble in a single pack on March 23rd. We are not sure when the rest of Swap Force wave 4 will be released but going by this Target exclusive and the recent announcement of Best Buy’s Spring Edition Skylanders; we are probably looking at late March or early April.

Find Nitro Freeze Blade here on


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