Mega Bloks Skylanders Swap Force Sharpfin’s Jet Boat

My son and I have built our first Skylanders Mega Bloks set and it only took us about 2 hours 🙂 Mega Bloks did a really good job creating these blocks for us Skylander fans. My only concern was that this specific set was missing 3 crucial pieces but we were able to manage since we have a ton of loose Lego and Mego Bloks pieces. Check out these pictures of the finished product:

Sharpfin’s Jet Boat comes with 373 pieces and 3 different characters; Blast Zone and 2 Greebles. The Skylanders are cappable of swapping just like the Skylanders Swap Force video game. Being able to swap their bodies is just another reason to go out and buy more of these Mega Bloks sets 😉

Along with the 3 characters you have some other neat stuff like a treasure chest, canon launcher, hidden compartments and more. Take a look at the Skylanders Mega Bloks webiste for more information.

[hr] Video from the Mega Bloks website

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