Mega Bloks Skylanders at the 2014 Toy Fair

Mega Bloks showcased a new line for their Skylanders series this year at the New York Toy Fair. This is great news because it also gives us a sneak preview to some new Skylanders that are yet to be introduced. Being that Activision didn’t spill any beans on their upcoming Skylanders game then we’ll take as much information as possible. Be sure to visit since they did a great job putting together these pictures of the new and awesome looking Mega Bloks Skylanders.

Here is a “4up – collage” image that I put together. Thanks to for providing all of us with the photos!


In this image you will find a gold lion with a shield on the top left, a knight with a big sword on the top right, a warrior with 2 big hammers on the bottom left and a blue looking character by the name of “Ranger” with a bow and arrow in his left hand.

We can not wait to find out more about these new Skylanders!

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