Love Potion Pop Fizz – Skylanders Trap Team

LPPF_prototype_01It seems like someone in Activision or Toys For Bob REALLY likes Pop Fizz because yet again there is another variant of him. The latest variant of Pop Fizz to show up on the shelves is Love Potion Pop Fizz. I however can not complain about all these Pop Fizz variants because he is such a fun Skylander. Love Potion Pop Fizz is basically a variant of Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz but in a pink-ish looking color. Target out of all retailers seems to be the first to have Love Potion Pop Fizz for sale. Best Buy is scheduled to release him on February 1st followed by Toys “R” Us on February 7th. Happy huntings to all portal masters that make their way out there to pick up this fun looking Skylander!


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