Lightcore Bumble Blast at Toys R Us April 26

For Portal Masters eager to enhance their Skylanders Swap Force gameplay experience, the final Swap Force LightCore figure, Bumble Blast, will be available only at Toys “R” Us on April 26th. This will cap off what was a busy week and a half at Toys “R” Us for most of us portal masters. Just last Friday the rare flocked Springtime Trigger Happy was at Toys “R” Us. Then Doom stone was given away at the Toys “R” Us in Times Square New York City for Skylanders Day on April 23rd and now LightCore Bumble Blast will be on sale tomorrow morning.

This seems like an early release once again by Toys “R” Us but I expect us to see Lightcore Bumble Blast at every other store that sells Skylanders in the near future.


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