Kickoff Countdown at Toys R Us May 18

This is a busy week for all of us portal masters. First Toys “R” Us released Doom Stone on Tuesday May 13th and now Kickoff Countdown is scheduled to be released on Sunday May 18th in the United States. This seems to be an early release by Toys “R” Us being that they continue to be the destination for all things Skylanders.

Here is the ad mentioning the release of Kickoff Countdown:


While we are waiting for May 18th here in the United States other countries have already placed Kickoff Countdown on their shelves. A fellow portal master friend of ours in Canada has already got her hands on this little soccer ball bomb.

Here is a picture from @TracyBella6969 Instagram account:


We have Sunday May 18th marked on our calendar and we will be at Toys “R” Us once the doors open. We will make sure to post some pictures of our own once we get Kickoff Countdown. Happy hunting everyone!


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