Hunting for Bronze, Silver and Gold Skylanders

The past two days we have visited six different Toys “R” Us in search of the bronze, silver and gold Swap Force Skylanders. Primarily silver and gold Stink Bomb or bronze and silver Trap Shadow. Pictures have been showing up online of people finding these new Skylanders swap variants but some of the pictures that have surfaced on Instagram and Twitter are from our very good friends SkylanderFreaks. They were lucky enough to find TWO silver and gold Stink Bomb’s in one of their local Toys “R” Us in Kansas City, MO. These silver and gold Stink Bomb’s couldn’t have been found by a better family. SkylanderFreaks have been collecting Skylanders for a good amount of time and have built their collection to almost 200 different pieces without finding a rare Skylander until now. Take a look at their pictures from Instagram down below and please make sure to visit their Instagram and Twitter accounts for more great Skylander pictures.

Happy hunting to all! We now believe that anything is possible when out in search of Skylanders 🙂




2 thoughts on “Hunting for Bronze, Silver and Gold Skylanders

  1. abz0419 says:

    Isn’t it amazing what you find when you are least expecting it? We went to our local Toys R Us the last week of March and found the 3 for $20 sale. My daughter knocked 6 Swap Force figures off her ever expanding list.

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