Frito Lay Quick Draw Rattle Shake

We just got our Frito Lay Skylanders Swap Force Quick Draw Rattle Shake in the mail courtesy of @skylanderfreaks from Instagram. He is a Stand-up guy that was nice enough to work out a trade with us. Follow him on Instagram for cool pictures and up to date information on Skylanders!


Quick Draw Rattle Shake is a glow in the dark, in game variant of the undead element character known as Rattle Shake. This rattle snake is dressed as a cowboy and has a cool white/green-ish skin with blue diamonds patterns. He was part of the Frito Lay holiday sweep stakes. Only 5,664 were made and the only way to get one is by entering the 11 digit code in the front of the Frito Lay variety pack. Last day to enter to win is December 31st, 2013.

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