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Updated: March 27, 2014 – This contest has ended. Congrats to Jamtoast!

As promised on our Instgram, Twitter and Facebook account; it’s contest time! We are now on our fourth free giveaway. Our last contest had a total of 19 entries and we are hoping for more this time. We will be using to choose a winner as contestants will have a number tied to them when they enter the Trap Shadow free giveaway. Once the free giveaway ends then we will contact the winner within 1 to 2 days.

Here are the 2 simple steps on how to enter to win Trap Shadow:

  • Subscribe to the Sandy Crocs blog (if you haven’t done so already) by entering your email on the right column of this page and clicking the blue “subscribe” button.
  • Answer the question down below by leaving a comment/reply.

This free giveaway ends on March 23, 2014 at 9:00pm EST

The winner of this giveaway has to be from the lower 48 Contiguous States being that we will not ship anywhere else.

Good luck to all!

Question: Spyros Adventure, Giants or Swap Force; what Skylanders game did you play first? Please answer down below. We will approve the comment when we receive it 😉

21 thoughts on “Free Giveaway – Trap Shadow

  1. skylanderfreaks says:

    The first skylanders game I played was giants. I bought the starter pack on a whim and because it was on sale! I was instantly hooked and haven’t looked back since!

  2. PacersforChamps says:

    I played Spyro’s Adventure first. I played ever since the first game came out. Lol I’m pretty much a elder at this game… I yet only have 20 skylanders.. with the new addition of pop thorn. Email me at if I win. Remember that I subbed to your blog :). I probably won’t win, but good luck to all contestants!

  3. Drene_71341 says:

    The first skylanders game I played was Skylanders Spyros Adventure when it had first came out

  4. Hayden-Radcliffe says:

    I’ve Been locked on Skylanders since it came out. So, of course, I started playing Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure first. Such a good game! Also, I want this win SO BAD! I would probably cry if i won it. I’ve always wanted Trap Shadow. Also, I follow you on IG! I’m Hayden_Radcliffe!



  5. skylander_99 says:

    The first game I played was Spyro’s adventure at my friends house! I didn’t actually get the game myself until a month before Giants, but my first game was still the classic Spyro’s Adventure!

  6. says:

    The Skylanders game I played first was SWAP Force. When the first two arrived, I stopped so I could play them in order. One and a half down, one and a half to go!

  7. Can_Man99 says:

    The first game by far i mean it may not be the best of the series but it sure is a great place to start the beginning the origin of the franchise

  8. gamerfamily says:

    The first Skylanders game we played was Swap Force, which was the #1 item on my son’s Christmas wish list in 2013. Since then, we have also played about half way through Spyro’s Adventure, but we haven’t had a chance to play Giants…yet. We’re addicted 😛

  9. swapindropin721 says:

    yo i have been playing spyros adventure first one igot i bought on ebay didnt come with any for the 3ds and my mom bought me the ghost roaster adventure when it first came out and bought the rest for my birthday of the adventure packs best one is the sunburn and dragons peak with the 2 items you know the winged boots and sparx the dragonfly from the original game spyro. brings back memories anyway hope ur reading this ive done this before and i was hoping to be picked bye yall!!!! :)> byee byee x out submit to crocs

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