Crystal Tuff Luck – Skylanders Trap Team – Rare Variant

72v6jJDr1UUHq7pTb-RifpNxZ_dkHS3nkq8i9bSOcUc[1] The first “chase” variant of Skylanders Trap Team started showing up online just a few weeks ago in other countries outside of the United States. This Skylander is none other than crystal Tuff Luck! She of course is the trap master Tuff Luck but in a crystal clear version. Just like every other chase variant, crystal Tuff Luck will be randomly inserted into cases that go out to retailers such as Toys “R” Us, GameStop, Target, BestBuy, Walmart, etc. So the possibility of finding one of these Skylanders in store is a bit rare however, just last Thursday (January 15th) had a trap master bundle that included this beauty. We were lucky enough to order a bundle before it quickly sold out. Please be sure to check all the shelves when hunting for skylanders because you never know what you just might find.

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