Hulk – Disney Infinity 2.0 – Marvel Super Heroes

Now that we are getting a little more accustomed to Disney Infinity, we decided to go out and hunt for a new figure to put on our base besides the 3 characters that came in the Marvel Super Heroes starter pack and the Spider-Man play set. With one specific character in mind we made our way to Toys “R” Us but we didn’t have any luck finding him. Then we went over to Best Buy after seeing that their website said that they had a few in stock. When we arrived at Best Buy; there he was, the Incredible Hulk! My son was so stocked to add this guy so soon to our collection. The Hulk was placed on our portal today once my son was out from school and it has been nothing but joy when smashing things with the Hulk in this game.


The Hulk can be purchased online on these websites:

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