Skeleton Barrel – Clash Royale

Happy Halloween to all! Supercell seems to be sending the same message to us by releasing the Halloween Draft Challenge today. Clash Royale tweeted this morning how you can use this new card for this 3 day draft challenge. The goal is to win 9 matches so that you can unlock 100 Skeleton Barrel cards. Here is a break down of the rewards for this draft challenge:

  • 1 win – Skeletons (50 cards)
  • 2 wins – Skeleton Army (1 card)
  • 3 wins – Guards (1 card)
  • 4 wins – Bomb Tower (10 cards)
  • 5 wins – Witch (1 card)
  • 6 wins – Tombstone (10 cards)
  • 7 wins – Giant Skeleton (1 cards)
  • 8 wins – Ballon (1 card)
  • 9 wins – Skeleton Barrel (100 cards)
  • Along with guaranteed gold and other cards (common and/or rare & epics) depending on number of wins

The Halloween Draft Challenge will let you create a deck by picking 4 cards and then you will receive the remaining 4 cards from your opponent. One player will get to choose the new Skeleton Barrel card!

Unlocking the Skeleton Barrel in this challenge will give you enough cards to get it up to level 6. Here are the statistics for this new common card from Clash Royale Wiki. The Halloween Draft Challenge has 1 free entry and will cost you 100 gems for every attempt after that. Good luck on adding the Skeleton Barrel to your inventory of cards.

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