Amiibo Lucario at Toys R Us January 30, 2015

lucario_01 The wave 3 Amiibo’s are starting to show up in stores across the United States but the 4 “store exclusives” seem to be the toughest to find of the bunch as a lot of us expected. Nintendo World in New York City got a head start on releasing 3 out of the 4 exclusive Amiibo’s on Monday January 26th. We were lucky enough to grab Lucario but missed out on the Gamestop exclusive Shulk and the Target exclusive Rosalina. Lucario is scheduled to release at Toys “R” Us on Jaunary 30th. If you did not pre-order him then please be prepared to be there very early because quantities will be very limited and once they sell out they’re not promised to be restocked again. Happy Amiibo hunting to all!


Here are the dates for the other 3 store exlusives:

Rosalina – Target – February 1, 2015
Shulk – GameStop – February 13, 2015
Meta Knight – Best Buy – not sure yet

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